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In Here Somewhere – rustic toybox recolor

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

I just loved the rustic wood texture of this toy box by Shoukeir, so it needed more colors. It comes in 14 of Pooklet’s natural colors (exceptions: Dynamite, Flashpowder, Pipebomb and Mailbomb). I made it for my medieval kiddies, but it could be used for other historic or even modern periods.

The blocks inside were not recolored because I thought they already had a nice, neutral tone but if anyone would like them with different colors, let me know.

UPDATE 7/3/2013:  I highly recommend decat’s converted TSM toy defaults over at Plum Bob Keep

Per Shoukeir’s recolor policy, the mesh is not included and you will need to download it at the Sims2Play archive. (Toy Box 2009 #1 on Objects 2 page if something happens to the direct link)

As far as my policy, use, enjoy, fold, spindle, mutilate, but no paysites. Comments appreciated but not required.

Shoukeir/Sims2Play – Mesh and texture
Pooklet – Color Actions