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Tech and Bridal Magazines

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

I loved this magazine mesh by CT_Nutmegger, but I don’t care for realistic stuff in my game. So, I made some Simlish versions of real magazines. Two themes thus far – each theme has two recolors, so each magazine can be on top. Mesh by CT_Nutmegger included.
Techie Magazines (PC Gamer and Wired)


Bridal Magazines (Martha Stewart Weddings and Modern Bride)


Mesh Credit:
CT_Nutmegger for her mesh and File-Share-Friendly policy.

CC Credits:
PC Gamer helmet by
Medieval Simlish font by joninmobile
Simlish v3 font by SIMale

I hope you enjoy them, comments appreciated but not necessary.