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Humble Board – Simple Dining Recolor

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

I fell in love with the rustic wood texture on Shoukeir’s toybox when I was recoloring it, and I thought it would make an awesome table for my humble Sims. Sims2Play Simple Dining (1 tile table and stools only) in Shoukeir’s wood toybox texture and (most of) Pooklet’s natural colors.

See all the colors and Download Link

Per Shoukeir’s recolor policy, the mesh is not included so you will need to pick it up at the Sims2Play Archive. Also, the dining table is the master mesh – so you must have that for the others to show up. The original dining set also included ladder back chairs and an end table, and they will also pick up these recolors – I gave them a quick peek in game, and they look OK but I didn’t design this recolor for them so I make no promises 🙂

Shoukeir – Mesh and Texture
Pooklet – Color Actions


Information Please

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Why haven’t I updated this site since May?

I just don’t have the time or energy to update two sites simultaneously.  I really only put this blog up so that people coming to download my stuff would see something besides a big old blank page if they worked back to the domain name.

Maybe someday I’ll have time to keep up this site – but for now, I post my creations are on my Simming LJ I changed my mind on that

Naming conventions:  I name my stuff as either anadandy and simdandy.  They’re both me, it just depends on where I post them first.  For creations I post origianally on my LJ – they will be simdandy.  For creations I post elsewhere first (such as PBK) and then re-post to my LJ, they’ll be named anadandy.  I don’t care which name you use for credit 🙂

Use Policy: I don’t really have one, since mostly all I do is recolor Maxis or other creators meshes.  For custom meshes, please follow the use policy of those creators as I try to do.  For Maxis meshes, credit is appreciated but not required.  The only hard and fast rules is: NO PAYSITES. Even if the original mesh maker says it’s ok – if it’s my recolor, it can only be shared for free.

In Here Somewhere – rustic toybox recolor

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

I just loved the rustic wood texture of this toy box by Shoukeir, so it needed more colors. It comes in 14 of Pooklet’s natural colors (exceptions: Dynamite, Flashpowder, Pipebomb and Mailbomb). I made it for my medieval kiddies, but it could be used for other historic or even modern periods.

The blocks inside were not recolored because I thought they already had a nice, neutral tone but if anyone would like them with different colors, let me know.

UPDATE 7/3/2013:  I highly recommend decat’s converted TSM toy defaults over at Plum Bob Keep

Per Shoukeir’s recolor policy, the mesh is not included and you will need to download it at the Sims2Play archive. (Toy Box 2009 #1 on Objects 2 page if something happens to the direct link)

As far as my policy, use, enjoy, fold, spindle, mutilate, but no paysites. Comments appreciated but not required.

Shoukeir/Sims2Play – Mesh and texture
Pooklet – Color Actions