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For the Boys – Men’s Magazines

Friday, October 7th, 2011

More deco magazines on CT_Nutmegger’s mesh. This time for cluttering up your bachelor pads and dorm rooms.


***Warning: Some of the following images may be considered NSFW***

In addition to the Sports magazine, you get three perennial favorites. If you’re wondering about the Victoria’s Secret Catalog being a men’s magazine – in college, the guys on our floor would always steal our catalogs and let’s just say we don’t think they were buying stuff…


Mesh Credit:
CT_Nutmegger for her mesh and File-Share-Friendly policy.
CC Credits:
VS Lingerie: Liana Sims
Simlish v3 font by SIMale

I hope you enjoy them, I’m working on some “women’s” magazines now and hope to get them up in the near future. As always, comments are welcome but not necessary.