Information Please

Why haven’t I updated this site since May?

I just don’t have the time or energy to update two sites simultaneously.  I really only put this blog up so that people coming to download my stuff would see something besides a big old blank page if they worked back to the domain name.

Maybe someday I’ll have time to keep up this site – but for now, I post my creations are on my Simming LJ I changed my mind on that

Naming conventions:  I name my stuff as either anadandy and simdandy.  They’re both me, it just depends on where I post them first.  For creations I post origianally on my LJ – they will be simdandy.  For creations I post elsewhere first (such as PBK) and then re-post to my LJ, they’ll be named anadandy.  I don’t care which name you use for credit 🙂

Use Policy: I don’t really have one, since mostly all I do is recolor Maxis or other creators meshes.  For custom meshes, please follow the use policy of those creators as I try to do.  For Maxis meshes, credit is appreciated but not required.  The only hard and fast rules is: NO PAYSITES. Even if the original mesh maker says it’s ok – if it’s my recolor, it can only be shared for free.

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