So, there’s that.

In a stunning reversal of my last site admin post (over 18 months ago), I will be now be uploading my creations to this site.

The Brief Version:  Though I’ll leave my Sim LJ up for an archive, I will be using this blog as my main Sim repository.  Here are my naming conventions and use policy, such that they are.

The Director’s Cut:

1. I’ve been paying for my webhosting all along, and really only using it as a disk space for downloads that I post on other sites.  My hosting costs are not that expensive, so it’s not that, but it’s merely my frugal nature that makes me want to utilize what I’m paying for better than I currently am.

2. LJ has been circling the drain for some time now, I can barely bring myself to even log in a couple times a week.  I haven’t updated my personal journal in over a year and the last time I posted on my Simming journal I got no comments and maybe 5 hits on the download. I’m not blaming this all on LJ.  I admit I am not active, nor popular so I don’t have many people reading anyway – and maybe the object I created (a couple magazine recolors) were not a hot item.  [OMG – shut up already.]  OK to sum up: LJ does not seem worth my effort anymore.

Also, a warning (NOW, a warning?!) – I go through fits and spurts.  Sometimes I am totally into Simming and will glut.  Other times I will go months, even a year without playing or creating.  My Sims 2 computer is aging (I built it in 2007) so it sometimes frustrates me and I shun it. I also occasionally play The Sims 3 (they were cheap, so I got a couple EPs for Christmas) and Skyrim.  I also knit, read and watch a buttload of TV.  What I’m trying to say is: Updates to this blog may be sparse, in fact I can almost guarantee that.

Aren’t you all excited?



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