Draft/Sketch Painting – Maxis recolors

I made these to fulfill a request over at PBK.  A user was looking for some draft/sketch paintings by real artists of the medieval/renaissance era. So I made these using works by daVinci, Dürer, Bosch and Pisanello.  The meshes I used were also by her request.

The first set is on the Maxis “Stodgy Badger” painting which requires the Pets expansion.










The second set is on “The Lady on Red” which is base game compatible.

LoR_Swatch1 LoR_Swatch2

I used these meshes because they were specifically requested, but if anyone would like these or similar on another painting mesh, I am happy to do so.

Download Stodgy Badger Recolors (requires Pets EP)
Download Lady on Red Recolors (base game compatible)

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