Tech and Bridal Magazines

August 11th, 2011

I loved this magazine mesh by CT_Nutmegger, but I don’t care for realistic stuff in my game. So, I made some Simlish versions of real magazines. Two themes thus far – each theme has two recolors, so each magazine can be on top. Mesh by CT_Nutmegger included.
Techie Magazines (PC Gamer and Wired)


Bridal Magazines (Martha Stewart Weddings and Modern Bride)


Mesh Credit:
CT_Nutmegger for her mesh and File-Share-Friendly policy.

CC Credits:
PC Gamer helmet by
Medieval Simlish font by joninmobile
Simlish v3 font by SIMale

I hope you enjoy them, comments appreciated but not necessary.


Men of La Fiesta Tech

May 23rd, 2011

I’m a little weird in that I don’t like pictures of real people or non-Simlish words in my Sim decor. Therefore, I’ve been trying to create some Simish posters/paintings.

For these, I was inspired by [info]lauriethemuppet‘s Biker Chick pinup posters and decided to make some similar posters for the Sim Ladies – or Sim Gentleman, if they like that kind of thing. 🙂 Anyway, here are some of my Simmies from La Fiesta Tech – and I realized after the fact that I didn’t include any blondes. I’ll remedy that next time.

If anything is horribly wrong with them, please let me know. I tested them in my game and they work fine. They’re recolors of the Civic Idol poster that comes with the base game so no special mesh is necessary. Comments welcome but not required. Enjoy!

All six posters in one file. Download here